Rooting Revue - USB->TTL device

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Re: Rooting Revue - USB->TTL device

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jmpcarceles wrote:Hi grayman4hire,

Nice job and very useful. ;)

But, in your last post the images are removed.

Could you upload it again?

Best regards.
I see all the pictures fine.
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Re: Rooting Revue - USB->TTL device

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I'm attempting to root my revue. I bought the following usb-ttl cable. ... -PRO3V.pdf. The problem comes when I plug the usb connector from the converter into my laptop. The hdmi output on the revue turns off. I have to unplug the usb-ttl and reboot the revue to bring it back. I also tried connecting to the revue using putty after the video died and could not get a connection. Help Please!! :oops: :evil: :oops: :twisted: :x
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